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What We Do

Zerobstacle Technologies seamlessly integrates into your business workflow whether you are looking to create a new application, or need help with development and/or of your existing solution. We provide teams capable of increasing the velocity of your development and extending your technical capabilities.

Converting a Website Into a Mobile App

We offer website to mobile conversion, to provide end users more accessibility, allowing them to access your website effectively on any location on their mobile phones. Compared to the native web browsers, mobile apps can provide faster response, in other cases,  activities and interaction can also be done offline

Innovative Solutions

We can help and provide you new concepts or finding new concepts and tech to solve a particular business problem, and provide innovative solutions

ICT Consultancy

We can provide advice on how to optimise your existing tools and systems, make recommendations for the development and implementation of a business project or technological solution and contribute to project definitions.

Software Development

We offer software development, applications that can help meet a particular goal, process,  business or personal objective.

Information Systems Development

We offer can help and create Information System for your company or agency that can help you enhance your transactions and processes on your data. Especially digitalized transactions and paperless processes.

Mobile App Development

We specialized in cross-platform mobile app development, for iOS and Android that can provide a variety of services, for example, E-Commerce, E-Learning, Delivery Apps etc.

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We turn ideas into reality. We Think. We Build. We Run. There’s no exceptions we can’t handle. The only exception is your imagination. 

Our Apps

Experience digital innovation

E-Learning App

We create E-learning apps for organizations that wants to offers courses and downloadable modules online that can be accessed through multiple platforms like Android, iOS and in Web Browsers

Franchised Based E-commerce App

We create Franchised-Based E-Commerce App for businesses from small-time to big-time, allowing distribution and transaction online convenient especially with multi-branch businesses.

All-In-One App

This mobile app provides Service Solutions with a system where service provider and consumer can interact digitally and complete a location-based transaction. This app will consist of three (3) individual mobile apps and a single web-based app for System Admin.

Paperless System App

We offer and create Paperless System Apps, especially for agencies, companies  and government systems, that needs to transition to Paperless System in accordance to RA 11032.